How to Book

Please complete the conference registration form and forward with your payment to Amaco. Your payment should include where applicable:

  • Conference Delegate Registrations Fee: $995 per person per conference (Nepal &/or Bhutan)
  • Non-Conference Registration Fee: $695 per person per conference (Nepal &/or Bhutan)
  • Nepal Travel Package Deposit: $3,000 per person
  • Bhutan Travel Package Deposit: $2,500 per person

You will receive confirmation of your booking within 7 working days of receipt. The payment of your final balance will be required by Friday 26 July 2019.

Travel to and from the Conference

Travel from Australia to and from the Conference is not included in the package price. We can secure exceptionally competitive pricing for your consideration and our consultants will gladly work with you to ensure that your travel preferences are met. We are also happy to assist with making frequent flyer bookings on your behalf (a service fee is applicable in this instance). In addition we are perfectly positioned to assist with planning and booking individual travel arrangements for those who would like to extend their travel either side of the conference program.

Please speak to us about some of the amazing options available before or after the Nepal and Bhutan itineraries.

Conference Participant Registrations

Participants wishing to formally be recorded as a Conference Participant and participate in the conference sessions during the Nepal and Bhutan itineraries (25 October – 2 November 2019 & 2 – 9 November 2019) are required to purchase a Conference Delegate Registration for each of the itineraries in addition to the relevant Nepal and/or Bhutan Travel Packages. Conference attendance certificates will only be provided to registered Conference Delegates.

Travel Package Inclusions

Detailed information about the Nepal and Bhutan Travel Packages can be found by clicking here for Nepal and here for Bhutan. It should be noted that we do not tell you everything that you will be doing during the itinerary as we believe the inclusion of surprise moments, activities and experiences at various points during the trip help to make our conference more memorable and help differentiate us from other conferences. Please note that the packages also include gratuities to guides, drivers, restaurant staff, porters and hotel staff.


Please ensure that you are in possession of a current passport with more than six (6) months validity beyond your intended return date to Australia. If you do not have a current passport, please apply well in advance of your departure date.

Visa Requirements

Australian and New Zealand passport holders will need to obtain a visa on arrival in Nepal provided. Cost for this is around US$25 for stays that do not exceed 15 days. Please contact Amaco if you are travelling on a passport from a different country or if you have any questions regarding visa requirements.

All visitors to Bhutan need to obtain a visa. The Bhutan government strictly controls international tourism. All tourist travel must be arranged through a government-licensed tour operator. Our tour operators will secure the visa for you. The cost of this visa is already included in your Bhutan Travel Package.

Consular Directives

The Australian Government issues regular travel advice warnings for overseas travel. This information may be accessed by calling 1300 555 135 or visiting  Neither Amaco nor its Agents can provide any advice concerning the safety of travel and at all times delegates should make their own assessment based on Australian Department of Foreign Affairs directives.


Amaco and its agents are not qualified to provide medical advice. This should be sought by consulting your GP at least three (3) months prior to travel, reading the latest health updates for international travel on the Travelvax web site or calling them direct on 1300 360 164. Please be aware that we will be travelling to high altitudes – above 2,500m and the risk of developing altitude sickness increases. Altitude sickness can be life threatening and can affect anyone, even the physically fit. Those more at risk include people who have had altitude sickness before, who exercise or drink alcohol before adjusting to the altitude, or who have health problems that affect breathing. If you’re planing to attend either or both of the Nepal or Bhutan conferences, you will be travelling to high altitude areas. Please see your doctor prior to travel to get advice specific to you and your situation. Ensure your travel insurance covers you for altitude sickness and medical evacuation


All costs are quoted in Australian dollars and have been calculated according to exchange rates effective 5 December 2018. Amaco reserves the right to charge an additional supplement in the event of a significant devaluation of the Australian dollar.


Registration fees, deposit and balance payments can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card with payment payable to Amaco. Our preferred payment method is direct deposit. Credit cards are accepted though Visa and MasterCard incur a 1.25% surcharge. American Express cards are also accepted, but incur a 2.5% surcharge.

Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that attendees hold a comprehensive travel insurance policy. We recommend this should is taken out at the time of booking. Like all forms of insurance there are a wide variety of options available from various companies. What is suitable for one could be quite inappropriate for another. Attendees should carefully consider these options and make the selection most relevant to their circumstances. Ensure your travel insurance covers you for altitude sickness and medical evacuation.

Travel insurance is available from Amaco or your insurance agent. Policy options will be sent to you with the confirmation of your booking.

Note: It is rare that any travel insurance will cover disinclination to travel in the event of terrorist incidents. If you cancel for this reason, you will be liable for the full, published cancellation fees as outlined in the terms and conditions on your registration form.

If you have taken out your own travel insurance, please ensure it is valid for this particular journey. If in doubt, please check with your insurance provider.

Alteration of Itinerary

No change in the routing and/or itinerary is contemplated. However, Amaco and its agents reserve the right to alter, amend or cancel any of the arrangements contained in the promoted itinerary.

Travel Documents

Please note that travel documents will be dispatched approximately three weeks prior to the main group departure. Every effort will be made to get all conference related materials to participants departing early however this is not guaranteed.

Program Updates

Please keep a look out for the Amaco monthly e-newsletter and any ad hoc program updates which include useful information emailed to you prior to departure. Any updates to the conference or travel package will be reflected on this website.

Terms & Conditions

Booking terms & conditions are printed on the conference registration form. It is very important that you read and understand these terms and conditions before signing the registration form. Special note should also be made of the cancellation and amendment policies.